49% of candidates in our 2019 survey told us that their career progression doesn’t meet their needs. It’s by far the biggest reason that people get in contact with blueskies looking for a new opportunity.

Career progression can be led by the organisation, perhaps a promotion and a new title or training to develop new skills. It can also be something that you can manage yourself by looking for opportunities to step up and work outside of your current role.

Stepping up can be daunting at first but putting yourself forward can only benefit you in the long run, learning from both the ups and the downs and developing your experience.

I have been at blueskies now for six months and in that time, I have learnt many new skills, developed my knowledge of the market place and working practises. Most recently I took the step up to work with my own clients, establishing relationships and handling vacancies independently.

It was daunting at first, but I quickly overcame the initial nerves and was off to a flying start. I was lucky to have a fantastic team to give me the support I needed but just in case you could do with some words of encouragement here are my...
5 things to think about when taking the next step
  1. You have the trust from your manager.  If they didn’t think you could do it, they wouldn’t leave you to sink.
  2. It’s not a totally new concept there are aspects which are just a step above what you are currently doing.
  3. Be bold, you have been bold in other situations and everything has been fine. 
  4. You’ve had the support and training to get where you need to be, this step will help you develop further skills.
  5. As always, be kind! Not everyone can be a superhero daily, there are things that go wrong or things that aren’t always in your set plan but be kind to yourself and allow for mistakes.
Progression doesn’t need to be daunting, be bold, be brave and be kind to yourself. Set your goals; make sure they are challenging but also achievable and allow you to reap the rewards.

If you are ready to progress further in your career and feel that you have hit the ceiling in your current role, please do get in contact, we would love to speak to you.


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