Most offices doors have been back open for a while now, with employees returning to their desks and the familiar team atmosphere. Some of our clients are back to hosting candidate interview meetings face to face, however many are still using video, particularly for early rounds or remote roles. 
Since the introduction of our virtual meeting platform blueskies LIVE, we have been working closely with our candidates to help them get the most out of every opportunity.

So, here are our top tips to help you prepare and smash your virtual interview!
  1. Take your time – make sure you have plenty of time before and after your interview. You wouldn’t go running ‘just in time’ to a face to face interview so don’t treat your laptop or phone meeting any differently.
  2. Check your tech – put aside time, well in advance of the meeting to download the software you need and to practise connecting and using your device. 
  3. Check your internet connection and power source – by far the biggest culprit of a compromised meeting is a dodgy phone service, patchy internet or a dead battery! 
  4. Check the format – our blueskies LIVE platform allows candidates to either pre-record or join a live meeting. Make sure you know what is expected of you and how much time will be required. You can always ask to see an example or get written guidelines.
  5. What to wear – we are not here to tell you how to present yourself, that’s your prerogative! However, be aware that everything in frame can be seen by your future employer so make sure you are representing yourself exactly how you would like to. From a filming perspective, its best to avoid stripes and patterns that are likely to strobe.
  6. Background – tied into the point above, take a GOOD look at what is in frame before you press connect. The last thing you want is to be distracted mid-sentence by the realisation that your partner has turned up behind you and is picking his/her nose!
  7. Relax – it is normal to get nervous sometimes and just because you are at home with the cat and your laptop doesn’t mean you will be immune to the pre-interview jitters. Consider what you need to feel at your most zen and keep the coffee to the minimum - talking too fast is tricky on a virtual connection.
  8. Prepare – as with all interviews it is vital that you spend time looking at the job description and working with your consultant to present your experience to your future employer. They are going to want to see you show your interest in them, so check out their website and socials as well as their values and mission. Consider what is attractive to you and what you can bring to the business.
  9. Body language – sat across a desk in a boardroom it is easy to remember to sit up straight and look at the interviewers. It is harder on a phone or laptop, so we often advise lifting the device up. Bringing the camera and screen up you can sit and look directly at the camera rather than the screen, that way you are looking directly at the interviewers. We don’t advise standing either or holding the device by hand, it is harder to remain in the same position and for the interviewers to see your clearly.
  10. Bring the energy and break the ‘ice screen’ – it is harder to get your personality across on screen. Actors spend years perfecting their skills, you don’t have that long! So, prepare examples of work you are passionate about. Talk about your hobbies and interests at an appropriate time and most importantly be you!
You can find out more about blueskies LIVE here and contact your consultant for specific advice on your virtual interview. Good luck!!


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